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Poster Violin and Guitar Restorations by

Mobile Repairs / Pickup & Delivery
 Servicing All  of  The Twin Cites

Guitar - Violin First Star Repair Shop

Holds Itself To The

Highest Standards When It Comes To The

Care Of Your Precious Instruments.

All Work Is Done On The Premise And

Done by an

Experienced And Caring Professional.

All Estimates Are In Printed Forms for Customers 

To Approve Before Commencing With The Work.


I Use Only Use The Best Materials Available.

All Work Guaranteed in Writing.

Prices That Will Be

Music To Your Ears And Pocketbook.

 Free Loaners if Needed.


Questions Or Concerns?

If You Have Any Questions, 

Please Feel  at Ease To Contact 

Me To Inquire About More Details.


Al Ynigues

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